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Media Love

Living Luxe Magazine Digital

Top 40 Artists to Watch

Budweiser Corporate Offices

Multiple styles, artists & mediums

We worked with the Budweiser team to outfit their corporate head office with multiple pieces of original art.  We delivered this major project on time and on budget.

Jason King - Entrepreneur

Commissioned Painting

“Biggie was the greatest - Puff was right when he said that. Lyrically, to some degree I think he inspired the hustler in everyone who listened to him. This painting resonates with me because of all that, but also when I saw the way Rafael made Biggie appear out of these contrasting, kind of abstract monochromatic shapes I instantly knew I wanted this hanging where I could see it all the time.”  - Jason King

Rocky Vitelli - Celebrity Stylist

Secret Commissioned Painting

"This painting means so much to me painted by the great @rafaelscasserra_art @modernartcartel The before was a photo taken of me in an airport waiting for a flight coming back from doing a hair show."...Click to Read More

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